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Located in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Iceburg Cryotherapy is proud to be the first to bring the practice of cryotherapy to the Pocono Mountains. As the only cryotherapy center in the Poconos, we are able to provide our clients with the health and wellness experience of a lifetime.

Our custom built state of the art whole body cryotherapy unit enhances the effects of muscle recovery, weight loss, anti-aging and disease prevention to a new and safer level.

But it doesn’t end there. Along with whole body cryotherapy, we offer localized cryotherapy, massage therapy, compression therapy, rejuvenation and holistic wellness.

Why ICEBurg Cryotherapy

Iceburg Cryotherapy prides itself in providing each and every one of our clients the most efficient, safe and personable wellness and recovery experience in Monroe County.

We understand that every client has different recovery and therapeutic needs. This is why our trained technicians and recovery specialists work individually with each client to fully customized their sessions within our facility. Our mission is to get you back feeling stronger and ready to tackle your next challenge.

Utilized by many professional and collegiate sport teams, workout enthusiasts and health advocates, Iceburg Cryotherapy is your one stop shop for repair, recovery and restoration.

A complimentary suite of services



Aids in muscle recovery, weight loss, anti-aging and disease prevention through exposing your body to freezing temperatures, for just 3 minutes, without any direct contact with nitrogen vapors.


Focalized Cryotherapy

Alleviates pain and speeds up recovery from injuries through cryogenically cooled air penetrating deeper into the layers of tissue and increasing blood circulation within a particular area.


Compression Therapy

Supports veins and increases circulation in arms and/or legs by using compressed air to massage the areas and speed recovery.


Massage Therapy

Relieves pain, rehabilitates injuries, reduces stress, increases relaxation and aides in general wellness through touch to manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body.


Rejuvenation Therapy

Promotes glowing and radiant skin, clears acne, fights the acts of aging and helps to prevents skin related illnesses.


Yoga Classes

Decreases stress, increases flexibility and actively promotes recovery by the use of mind body connections.

“I’ve been doing cryotherapy since November 2017 after I injured my back. I came in 2-3x a week and within 3 weeks my back was back to normal. It also helps whenever I have a migraine. I feel GREAT, Iceburg Cryotherapy is amazing!”

– Grace R.

“I’ve had my knee replaced plus I have generative arthritis. I was always in pain so I started coming to Iceburg Cryotherapy 1-2x a week. After a few sessions, my pain went away and my muscles were finally at ease. Cryo is amazing, I recommend it to everyone!”

– Marisol S.


We are currently accepting walk-ins, however, appointments booked prior are appreciated. Military and First Responders receive a 20% discount on all packages and memberships.


Each session is 3 minutes inside the chamber
Single Session – $70
5 pack – $149 (reg. $279)
10 pack – $249 (reg. $499)
Unlimited – $299/mo (reg. $899)

1x a week – $199/mo ($49/session)
2x a week – $299/mo ($37/session)
3x a week – $399/mo ($33/session)
4x a week – $499/mo ($31/session)
7x a week – $899/mo ($28/session)

Focalized Cryotherapy

Available upon qualification from a complimentary 1 hour consultation
Introductory – $35 first session
Treatment – $50/session

Compression Therapy

30 minutes – $10 (reg. $30)
60 minutes – $20 (reg. $60)

Massage Therapy

We will assess and evaluate your specific needs to provide you an optimal massage experience
30 minutes – $40
60 minutes – $60

Rejuvenation Therapy

12 minute Cryo Facial – $50
30 minute Pro Skin Facial – $60
60 minute Pro Skin Facial – $80
*Ask about our anti-aging and acne treatments and learn how to upgrade your experience!


Wednesdays 8am – $10
Saturdays 9am – $10


Do you accept walk-ins or do I have to make an appointment?

We currently accept walk-ins, however calling ahead and making an appointment is appreciated. Call 1-833-FIT-CRYO or stop in to the facility at 246 Lackawanna Ave., East Stroudsburg, PA 18301.

How does cryotherapy work?

The Arctic Chamber is an upright, step-in chamber that releases nitrogen cooled air to decrease skin surface temperatures to approximately 32 degrees F. This is achieved in 30 seconds or less and remains nearly constant for the duration of the session, which lasts up to 3 minutes. Skin receptors immediately sense the cold and send brain signals to promote regulatory functions of the body, thus triggering the release of calming endorphins into the bloodstream.

Who is cryotherapy recommended for?

Everyone from elite athletes to those seeking weight loss and cosmetic enhancements to those with chronic and inflammatory medical conditions can benefit from Whole Body CryoTherapy. For patients as young as 14, a parents consent is required to receive this treatment. However, it is not recommended for anyone younger than 14.

Can I use cryotherapy if I am claustrophobic?

Absolutely! Your entire head can be exposed, the door cannot be locked, and a staff member is present throughout the entire process.

Who is cryotherapy not recommended for?

Not recommended (contraindicated) for the following: Anyone who is pregnant – has acute myocardial infarction (MI) – unstable angina pectoris – arrhythmia – symptomatic cardiovascular disease – cardiac pacemaker – peripheral arterial occlusive disease – venous thrombosis (blood clots) – acute cerebrovascular accident – uncontrolled seizures – Raynaud’s Syndrome – symptomatic lung disorders – bleeding disorders – severe anemia – cold allergy – acute kidney diseases and severe hypertension (BP>180-100). Clients should always check with their medical providers regarding their particular medical status.

Is Nitrogen gas harmful?

No. Nitrogen gas is non-toxic. In fact, the air we breathe, is 78% Nitrogen. When it comes to the machine, you NEVER come in contact with it, making our machine the safest in the world.

How many cryotherapy treatments can I get in a day?

You can receive 2 treatments a day, with at least 4 hours between each session. 5 consecutive daily to every other day sessions are recommended to establish the body’s baseline and have lasting beneficial effects although most people are energized immediately after their initial treatment.

How do I know I am physically ready for a cryotherapy treatment?

Before your first cryotherapy session, you will fill out a physical readiness form and go through a minor health test to ensure you are ready for treatment. Our training technician will explain the process and answer and questions you may have.

What do I wear for a cryotherapy session?

Women do not have to wear any clothing but are welcome to wear a sports bra and shorts. Men must wear briefs or boxers. All jewelry must be removed to prevent damage. Privacy is important to us, so only your face will be visible from the chamber.

What is it like in the cryotherapy unit?

When you enter the chamber, you have a choice of doing a full body treatment or having your face above the cold temperature using our adjustable window. You will be in the chamber for 3 minutes listening to music of your choice as your body is exposed to cold temperatures.

Can I stop the treatment once I am in the cryotherapy unit?

Yes, you can request to stop the treatment at any time, but we suggest trying to go for at least 1½ minutes to receive the full benefit.


246 Lackawanna Ave.
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

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